Journey's End No-Kill Animal Society, Inc.

A 501 (c)3 non-profit organization

WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS!  If you would like to Volunteer your time or have a special talent you would like to share: 

     please contact us by using the contact form below or on our Facebook page

No time to volunteer? No problem - here are some other ways you can help the animals; 

  • share the word by liking us on Facebook and by sharing our webpage on all your social media 
  • (you may not have time but some of your friends may)
  • saving aluminum cans, old cell phones, used ink/laser printer cartridges, Purina weight circles.
  • donate (visit the donate tab to learn how)
  • become a member (small annual fee) sign up today
  • sponsor a spay or neuter (in honor of) or (in memory of) someone special to you
  •  Fill out our Volunteer Form:


    Journeys End No Kill Animal Society, Inc. works to raise needed funds for spay & neuter programs.   We are always in need of volunteers to help with fund raising,                      go to businesses to get sponsorships, assist us with educating children & adults about the need for spay/neuter, help at spay/neuter events (at sign-in table/paperwork only),                                                   

     If you would take a moment to fill out this form, it will enable us to determine which is the appropriate volunteer opportunity for you, and where you might best be helpful.

     After you have completed this questionnaire, please mail it back to the address below, or copy/paste & attach to email sent to <[email protected]>

    Thank you very much for your interest in our cause. 


    1)  What about our program interests you? ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    2)  Have you done volunteer work in the past? __________   If yes, describe your role. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    3)  Do you own a pet? _______    If yes, what kind? _______________________________________________________________                                                                               Was it adopted /rescued /purchased? __________________   How long have you owned your pet? ________________________                                                                           Is it spayed/neutered?  ____________  


    4)  Have you ever adopted an Adult pet? __________  Senior pet? __________


    5)  Have you ever given up an Adult or Senior pet? ___________ if so, describe the circumstances.   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    6)  All of the animals that Journeys End assists in placing must be spayed or neutered. Do you have any problem with this requirement? Yes or No ___________________


    7)  What is your current area of interest in volunteering for Journeys End? (Check all that apply) Telephone work______  Getting business sponsorships ______                                   Membership drive _______  Education Liaison at local schools  _____   Fund-raising events _____    Spay/Neuter events_____  


    What is your current schedule & what days & times would you be available?

    Monday          __________________________________________________________

    Tuesday          __________________________________________________________

    Wednesday    __________________________________________________________

    Thursday        __________________________________________________________

    Friday             ___________________________________________________________

    Saturday        ___________________________________________________________

    Sunday          ___________________________________________________________


    Please fill in your name and address below (please type or print legibly): 

  •  Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________


As a Journeys End No Kill Animal Society volunteer, I agree to hold harmless other Journeys End's Volunteers & Journey's End No Kill Animal Society Volunteer Staff of any damages resulting from my volunteering. This includes bodily harm as well as damages to clothing, furniture or any animal.


Volunteer's Signature_____________________________________ & Date___/___/_____


Thank you for your interest in volunteering.
MsBrenda will send you a volunteer form to fill out, then we will contact you to let you know about upcoming events you may be interested in volunteering.
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