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How I began my Journey...

Posted by JENKAS on November 8, 2014 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

My teenage daughters had stumbled across Renee and her group (not sure how), as we have always been very much animal lovers. They helped out with her spay/neuter days, then my one daughter had moved into a pet-friendly apartment complex that was over-run with stray kittens, she and Renee managed to catch about a dozen of the little flea-bitten, scared, hungry, confused babies. They just needed a place out of the cold to foster them, all of their needs were supplied by Journeys End. I had an empty bedroom, so that is how it all began!! Me and a dozen little furries. Well, naturally I fell in love with a couple of them, one of which I still have now. Salem, my all black cat was one of those furry little, flea infested, scared to death, hungry little critters. He and I have a wonderful bond. We never would have met if it wasn't for the involvement of my daughters with Journeys End. Since then, Renee has asked me to be on the Board of Directors, which I am Secretary, also, I help out at events whenever I can. When you come to one of our events, you more than likely will get to meet me. You make sure you say hello! :)  MsBrenda>^x^<  

Journeys End's Ten Year Anniversary

Posted by JENKAS on December 19, 2013 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Journeys End No Kill Animal Society will see it's TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY on January 14th!!       :D      We invite you to post memories, photos and stories of your experiences with Renee and the past Journeys End Crew as we embark on our next 10+ years with Journeys End.     ;)     Did you adopt one of JENKAS many critters?  Did you help out at a spay/neuter event?  What happened?